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The Pyrenees... source of vitality, well-being and inspiration

The source of energy and well-being is concealed in the waters of the thermal baths. Oxygen. Strolls in the mountains, outings on horseback and mountain bike, green paths, flower-lined mountain pastures. Spring waters, blue sky and all the thrills they bring: rafting, canoeing, gliding, delta wing, paragliding...The desire to return in winter to ski or to catch a glimpse of izard antelopes and roebucks on their trails (while being careful not to awaken any marmots or bears).
Towering over the magnificent valleys, the timeless city of Luchon has preserved the beauty of its 19th-c. architecture, the era of discovery of spa towns by Europeans. Lamartine, Flaubert, Rostand, Daudet and many others found inspiration here.